Ryan Scott Wails

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Work: ryan.s.wails.civ at us.navy.mil
Univ: rsw66 at georgetown.edu
Home: ryan at rwails.org

About Me

I'm a computer scientist in the formal methods section of the Center for High Assurance Computer Systems at the US Naval Research Laboratory. Our research group consists of Aaron Johnson, Rob Jansen, Paul Syverson, and me.

I'm also a PhD student advised by Micah Sherr at Georgetown University. Check out the Georgetown SecLab!

My research centers around computer network privacy and security. Recently, my focus has been on developing tools and protocols for covert network communication. I've worked on some other topics, too, including: high-performance network simulation; secure protocols for computing statistics in distributed systems; and improvements to the security and performance of path selection in low-latency anonymity systems.

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